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Welcome to the Junior school blog about ‘How can we enhance our school gardens?

Please explore and leave any comments or suggestions on anything you know about plants, flowers, trees, etc.

Look out for our QR codes located around the school!

One response

  1. I have just been reading through your blog – it is so informative and SO interesting. I am going to be at the school on Thursday so I can’t wait to check out some of the areas you have been working on. It is so fantastic that you are learning about how to enhance your school’s environment. I wonder if you can put some of this learning into action at home or in the community? Congratulations junior inquirers!

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JCD Garden Update!!

After weeding and a general tidy up we planted potted colour and green mondo grass into our garden bed. We think the colour looks fantastic. Take a look at some of our photos.

JCD having being working hard all term on their Inquiry unit “How can we enhance our school garden?”  They have learnt a number of different things about:

  • How plants grow?
  • What the different parts of the plant are
  • Conducting science experiments

and many more interesting things.  The children of JCD were asked to reflect on some of the things that they had learnt and below are some of their responses.

Plants need, food, soil, water and sun – MacKenzie and Keilah

We have been learning about different parts of the plant. If plants didn’t have roots they would fly away – Hamish and Oscar

Animals eat the plants and it comes out the other end and then grows – Marcus and Charlie

We have learn’t how seeds travel by propulsion. They can also hook onto a dogs fur and they can travel by the wind – Keanu, Chloe, Alia

There are different parts of a plant – Stem, leaves, seeds, roots, petals & flowers – Josh, Elli & Serena

JCD have their own part of the school grounds to enhance and we are looking after the space near the stairs with the big tree – Gabrielle & Emma

We give plants fertiliser for food to grow. Aslo when plants are tiny they have little roots and as they grow they have big roots – Rebecca and Reuben

Whenever you water a plant it grows bigger and they also need sun and rain to grow – Stevie & Nyamal

How plants grow? Put a seed in the soil – Lewis & Lucas M

Seeds can fly over water. The air can push the seeds.  Plants can also explode and that is how their seeds can fly through the air as well – Rohan and Lucas F

Seeds can travel in lots of different ways – Soul and Sienna

This term in JCD, we have learnt about plants and we are having lots of fun. We are enhancing our school gardens.

We are going to enhance our own garden bed at the school. It is the garden bed at the bottom on the big stairs on your left.

We are going to enhance this garden bed by:

  • Removing the old tan bark and replacing it with fresh soil
  • Removing all the rubbish that is spoiling the garden
  • Weeding the garden bed and remove any dead or old plants
  • Plant more mondo grasses (black colour)
  • Plant colourful flowers that will look great in Spring
  • Fertilise and regularly water the plants so they grow really well and look healthy.

18 responses

  1. Congratulations JCD on your blog. I loved reading about your ideas to improve our school garden. I can’t wait to see the colourful flowers and I look forward to taking JCP to your garden bed.
    Thanks for keeping our school tidy. It makes me so sad to see rubbish lying on the ground, so I am so proud of you all for taking the time to care for our school environment.

  2. Hi JCD
    I was wondering why do you have to fertilize the garden? Also what is fertilizer? Can’t wait to see the colourful flowers you decide on planting!

  3. Hello JCD. I am wondering what type of flowers are colourful that will look great in spring?

  4. Keep it up jco! Looking good!

    1. Oops! Meant JCD

  5. Well done JCD!!

  6. We are looking forward to planting lots of colourful plants next Thursday to enhance our school gardens.

  7. Great idea love your work

  8. I like the colours and i think the area needed a good “colour in”

  9. Giselle and her mum | Reply

    WE really like were your planting.

    1. Cate and rosie here, your Flowers look nice .
      from Rosie and Cate

  10. keep it up

  11. Your flows are the best

  12. Go JCD

  13. Joshua and Arwen | Reply

    JCD you are doing very well but are you still doing some more?

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Welcome to JCB’s blog.

One day Mrs. Pickburn, our school principal, sent a letter to the junior school children. She asked us to enhance our school gardens.

Since then we have been exploring gardens.

We have

  • Explored our school gardens and taken photos of the areas we want to enhance.
  • Been on an excursion to the Melbourne Botanic gardens where we found out that all plants are very different.
  • We liked the herb garden on our excursion to the Botanic Gardens.
  • We have been learning about seeds.
  • We have been learning about plants.
  • We did an experiment to find out if plants need sun and water.

Hello everyone!

Do you have any tips for looking after plants?


We have decided that we are going to plant flowers and herbs.

Miss Butler will buy our flowers and herbs.

What type of flowers should we buy?

Our herbs will be mint, parsley and basil.

JCB Has chosen to use some herbs and these are the ones we have chosen:

  • Sweet basil
  • Italian parsley
  • Mint

We got the ideas from the Botanic Gardens where we got to feel and smell them in the herb garden.

We had a class vote and nearly everyone voted for sweet basil, Italian parsley and mint.

By Archer

How to grow a plant- By Olivia

  1. It starts off as a seed.
  2. Then is needs to be in a pot with soil.
  3. Then it needs water.
  4. Then every day give it a bit of water but not too much, otherwise it will drown.
  5. If it goes brown it means it is dead.
  6. Then every year it will grow a bit.

Our plan- by Lily

We are planting the plants in pots at the front of the school in the shade.

Diagram of a plant- by Ben

In science, we have been learning about all of the different parts of a plant. This diagram was drawn by Lucas.

This week Miss Butler gave us this white fluffy stuff that had dirt in it. We are trying to figure out what it is.

Do you know? We have made lots of predictions…

Giselle thinks it is the seed for a cloud.























10th October 2012

Today JCB reflected on the work we completed last term enhancing our school gardens.

We looked at all of the ‘before’ photographs we had taken at the beginning of term 3 and discussed our observations.

After that we went for a wander around the school gardens to observe the changes that have been made by junior school children.

Miss Butler asked ‘Did we enhance our school gardens?’ and our thoughts are:


Jonah- Yes! I think we did heaps ‘cause it was so boring and now I know it is so good. I love the JCB flowers. They are so colourful.

At the grey tank I like the stepping stones and the grey stones. At the grey tank I like that it is not mulch.

Fraser- The flowers are beautiful their colours are bright. I love the flowers.

Archer- Yes! We did enhance our school garden. We planted herbs and flowers and I saw some of the other classes’ gardens and I took some notes.

Dylan- Yes! Because it looks good. The plants look good.

Brooke- Yes they are good.

Declan- The herbs are grown heaps.

Olivia- I said yes because JSB has grown pretty flowers in the gardens and grass has come. Things have grown.

Charlie- Yes because the herbs are growing really well and healthy.

Jack- The flowers look colourful. The herbs look good.

Giselle- Yes! Because it all looks wonderful. JCC did it around the water tank. It is beautiful but when it grows the people won’t be able to walk through.


Cate- I agree that we have enhanced our school gardens. They are really nice. The flowers are really colourful. I have planted herbs and flowers and watered them.

Oscar- Yes because it all looks neat and tidy. The plants are also looking healthy.

Barnaby- Yes I think we did enhance our school gardens because the flowers in JCB’s garden look really colourful. I think we should water our plants more often and keep them healthy.

Daniel- Miss B took us for a walk around the school to see how the plants are growing.

When we got to the vegetable garden we saw JCV’s plants, it was fantastic but there was one problem- the caterpillars were eating the vegetables.

We found some QR codes. Oscar was grabbing an iPad and scanned some QR codes, it was awesome. They came up with some information. The QR codes were awesome. They all had a picture on the iPad after Oscar scanned the QR code.

So parents, download a QR code reader so you can find information from the kids about what they discovered. Do you think we enhanced our school gardens? Do you think we did it right?

Kam- Yes it is good.

Rosie- Yes because we made it pretty.

Lorenzo- Yes because the herbs in the JCB garden have grown really well. Something is growing in every patch.

Lucas- I like the yellow flowers. I noticed that it got better. The herbs have grown they are straight.  At the veggie garden some of the plants have been bitten.

Chandani- We did enhance our school garden because we like to do that.

Ben- I like the herb garden because it is growing really good.

Lily- Yes because the flowers are pretty and they’re colourful.

Ciara- Yes because the flowers are beautiful.

Scarlett- Yes I think we did enhance our school garden because before it didn’t look good but now it is much more colourful. If you are looking at our school gardens watch out for QR codes. The herbs and flowers look good.








181 responses

  1. Congratulations JCB on your blog.
    I can’t wait to hear which flowers and herbs you have chosen.
    I’m not sure which flowers or herbs to suggest as I do not know where you plan to plant them. Do you know if it is a sunny or shady area?
    Good luck deciding!

    1. We went to the Botanic Gardens and we got to feel herbs. A couple of days later we had a vote. The choice was catmint and sweet basil and Italian parsely.

  2. I think you should plant pansy, viola, wallflowers.

  3. Hi JCB
    Your ideas on how to enhance the garden sound great. I like Marigold flowers and have heard that they grow well in pots! Maybe you could look into planting some of these flowers. Good luck!

  4. I think we should buy roses because they are pretty and colourful.

  5. Julie and Ben Andrew | Reply

    Could we plant sunflowers please? My Mum has lots of seeds.

  6. Italian parsely has darker green leaves than curly leaf parsely. The flavour is a bit stronger and better than curly parsely as well as a less bitter flavour.

  7. Basil is one of the most valuable plants in the garden and is a perfect flavouring with tomatoes.
    They are easy to look after and they contribute to many differet types of dishes.
    Did you know that sweet basil is a part of the mint family?

    1. I didn’t know that Daniel! You have taught me something today :-)

  8. I know why catmint is called catmint. It is because cats like it. I went to my cousin’s house and their cat liked it. That was funny.

    1. Fraser can you please find out if it was catmint your cousin’s cat loved, or catnip. My cat Boston loves a plant called catnip.

      1. catnip is in the mint family

  9. I know how to make a plant. I like to grow a plant.

    1. Plants need water and sun!

  10. We could plant roses, lemon trees, mango trees, banana trees, carrots, orange trees, mandarine trees or sunflowers.

  11. Natalie (Chai's mum) | Reply

    I know lots of recipes that use the herbs you have planted – parsley, mint and sweet basil. Perhaps the class could put together a book of recipes that we could all share?

  12. I agree with Natalie – it would be fun to put together some recipes!

  13. Which flower’s are we going to plant? my mum is a very good gardener.Chai’s idea is really good. Jack’s idea is really good to. Ciara’s idea is very good. Chandani’s idea is really good. Fraser’s idea is really good. Daniel’s idea really idea good.Oscar’s idea really good.Ben’s idea is really good. and Cate’s idea is really good. all of your idea’s are really good!!!!!!

    1. Miss Butler your blogs are very good

  14. and Declan’s is really good

  15. well done JCB for your blog’s

  16. plant’s need water and sun!!

  17. are we going to plant sunflower’s?

  18. Can we plant sunflowers? The herbs are called sweet basil and Italien parsley

  19. Julie and Richie | Reply

    I think we could grow some big plants.

  20. Can we plant red roses and green and purple and yellow and orange and blue and pink roses they would look really lovely!!!!!

  21. Miss Butler can you buy roses to?

  22. Miss Butler can you buy some cat mint?

  23. Are the herbs big or small?

  24. Miss Butler your blogs are very nice

  25. The book of Uno`s garden is a really fun !!!!

    1. It is one of my favourites Lily.

  26. How can we enhance our school garden?

  27. Do apples take a long time to grow??

    1. I remember Mrs. Pickburn telling us that fruit trees take a long time to grow when we had an online chat with her.

  28. Miss Butler thank you so much that we could do these to enhance our school gardens

  29. Could we plant a red and pink flower and some dill and lettuce.

  30. Chandani’s is really good!!!!!

  31. Wow looking great!!

  32. I think we should have roses because they are pretty and colourful!!

  33. Can we plant some lettuce?

    And can we plant orange’s?

  34. Are we going to plant tomatos and patatos ?

  35. Can we put in blackberrys andblueberrys??

  36. Can we plant banana’s?

    Can we plant tomato’s and patato’s??

  37. What can we plant ??

  38. The plant’s are looking great!!

  39. sweet basil cant grow in the shade

    1. That is very good to know Daniel. Lucky Mrs. Lenten was kind and let us choose the pot in the sunniest spot for our sweet basil.

  40. sweet basil is part of the mint family

  41. a banboo cam grow up to one metre

  42. around 2000 different types of plants are used by humans to take food!!!

  43. there are over 200,000 identifed plant species and the list is growing all the time

  44. a cabbage HAS 91% weter. apples are 25% ari

  45. we are growig flowers and sweet basil

  46. do you know what is some wooly things with some timber?

    1. Lorenzo, noone has been able to figure out what that white fluffy stuff is! I will give you a clue; it has something to do with a plant. See if you can do some more research- maybe you could ask an expert.

      1. Anna (Lorenzo's mum)

        I asked my parents and we did some research and we think it may be cotton.

  47. catnip is a weed

  48. cats are in love with catnip

    1. Well done on finding that information about catnip Fraser- what a good researcher you are!

  49. Which pot are we going to put the Parley the basil and the mint? Which pot are we going to put the flower’s ?

  50. My cucsin Charlotte has some herb’s at home. She has got Parsley and she has Basil and she has Mint.

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We planted vegetables. We planted pumpkins, lettuce, beetroot, silver beet, peas and beans.

We watered them. Hopefully they don’t die!!

Daniel and Zac








At the vegetable garden we planted plants. We are very good at planting. We planted pumpkins.

Hamish and Josh








At the garden we planted vegetables, pumpkin, lettuce & peas. It was fun. And we watered the plants.

Ano and Emma


At the gardens we planted some plants & there were lots of plants. There were lots of pumpkins.

Freya and Zara










We planted some vegetables in the garden. Gardens can have seeds and these grow into vegetables.

Moses and Jackson


When we did the garden we planted pumpkin & beans & lettuce & silver beet. Then we watered the vegetables.

Lucy and Kevin.


26 responses

  1. Go Jco

  2. What are you going to plant in the veggie garden

  3. I wonder if you will be planting some tomatos in the veggie garden?

  4. good job.

  5. I like your plants

  6. are you planting vegies?

  7. Hi JCO
    I think your area looks great!!
    Your working really well.
    keep up the work.
    Bye for now

  8. good job jco

  9. great job jco

  10. Have you started planting yet?

  11. HI JCO
    I am wondering what plant have planted?
    keep up the great work

  12. I like your garden

  13. Well done JCO

  14. I like your flows

  15. Go JCO

  16. caitlyn,scarlett and Chloe | Reply

    Hi JCO
    your area looks so good because you have put alot of vegetables.
    you are doing a great job of enhancing the school gardens.
    I love your vegetables that you chose to plant.

  17. GREAT WORK JCO!!!!!!!!!

  18. you are doing a good job jco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. well done JCO

  20. Fantastic work JCO

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Welcome to JCC’s blog. (Bella)

This term we have been investigating ‘How Can We Enhance Our School Gardens?’

We have been walking around the school gardens. (Maddy)

We have taken photos of places and discovered where we are going to enhance… We are enhancing the water tank! (Amena)

We have had time to think about how we can enhance the water tank and spent time working in groups to create proposals. (Darcy)

We will be working with JCJ and JCR (Nicole) and sharing our ideas. (Xander)

Together, we made a bridge proposal. (Max)

We are using stepping stones. (Flynn)

We have a plan to put pot plants around the tank. (Frankie)

This week we are trying to get plants so we can plant them. (Lachy)

We have some questions and comments you might be able to help us with,

Will we be able to have stepping stones? (Tess)

We need some help. (Nicholas)

How do plants grow in the water? (Cara)

How do plants grow in mud? (Hugh)

We need pots and plants. If you have any, you could give them to us and we will water them and take care of them for you. You can come and see them. (Ben)

We have gone on an excursion to the Botanic Garden. (Sophie)

My favourite was the scarecrow. (Elly)

My favourite plant was the rose. Roses can be white and pink and yellow. (Alice)

We have been learning about seeds in Science (Grace) and we did an experiment to see if plants need water. (Owen)

The plant with water survived. The plant without water died. (Charlize)

Experiment results recorded by Riley.

We love plants and we love gardens! (Cheyenne)

Last term, JCC got some plants. We repotted the plants and took them to the
watertank. JCJ put some stepping stones around the tank and lots of children
like the stepping stones.  JCR and JCJ put gravel around the stepping stones and the plants, and the mud is all gone!    (Amena)





26 responses

  1. What are you going to put in to enhance our school gardens?

    1. water tank

  2. Congratulations JCC on your fantastic work to enhance our school gardens.
    I agree the area around the water tank gets quite muddy and it certainly needs some improvements.
    I can’t wait to see what you guys do next. I hope we can place some stepping stones and some lovely plants around the tank.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi JCC.
    I found some interesting sounding plants that like to grow in very wet soil – Turtlehead, Elephant’s ear or Ostrich fern. Maybe we could plant one of these around the water tank.

    1. Hi JCC.
      I like the sound of the stepping stones. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. I have found some other plants that like wet soil – sedge or hydrangeas.

      1. good idea Ruby fo doing max

  4. Hi JCC
    I have found some plants with crazy sounding names that like to grow in very wet soil – turtlehead, elephant’s ear or ostrich fern. Maybe we could plant one of these by the water tank.

    1. good idea

  5. JCC rock..

  6. Hi JCC,
    I’ve got an idea for stepping stones. What we could do is lay out some concrete in a shape and push some things into it like old toys,rocks and tiles.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I have never seen stepping stones with things in them before!

  7. I have a idea how to get steping stones?

  8. JCC cool i really like the ideas

  9. How about some Bromides? I have some!

  10. What plants are you planting?

  11. good job JCC

  12. your stepping stones look so good! are you going to do any more?

  13. you did a good job jcc

  14. Your flows are the best

  15. Go JCC

  16. jcc do you need halp

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Hi again!

Exciting news…. We have got the stepping stones and the gravel now. We got 12 stepping stones from Bunnings, (Charlie’s mum from JCR picked them up for us). They are very heavy so we are going to ask some parents to help us move them and put them into place.

The gravel has been delivered too. We have to work as a team to move them to the water tank.

Wish us luck, exciting times ahead!









Hi everyone welcome to the JCJ blog!

Our Inquiry this term is ‘How Can We Enhance Our School Gardens?’

JCJ, along with JCR and JCC, are going to enhance the area around the water tank down on the oval.

This is our action plan for getting started.

We would like to put stepping stones and tan bark around the muddy part of the tank.

We are wondering does anybody know a good place to get tan bark here in Melbourne?

We are wondering where we could find some cheap, plain stepping stones/pavers?

37 responses

  1. Congratulations JCJ on your blog. What a great idea to enhance the area around the tank. At the moment it is very muddy so I can’t wait to see your stepping stones.
    I’ll ask my friends if they can help in locating some pavers or stepping stones. The only place I can think of is Bunnings!

    1. Sorry Mrs Pase Bunnings does not have stepping stones because Cameron typed it up on
      the website and didn’t find any stepping stones, but they do have paint any way thanks for the idea.

  2. Leigh Emmerman, Benyon Primary School, UK | Reply

    Sounds like a fantastic project! Will definitely have to make sure that I keep following your blog to see how the project progresses.

  3. Hi, It looks lovely, sorry cant help with location of the stuff you need but thought adding herbs that are hardy and touchy, feely between the stones, like a sensory type walkway. It would look sensational. Good luck xx

    1. Hi Karen we havn’t quite worked out where to get the materials from. Do you know a place to get stepping stones and tanbark we tried Bunnings but it didn’t work.

  4. Julie and Riche Andrew | Reply

    How about some little grasses (small rushes, small sedges/carex, club rushes) that like to grow in boggy wet swampy areas? You can buy them at the whitehorse community nursery called Greenlink Nusery at 41 Wimmera St box hill 0479 121 653. You can buy 5 plants and get 5 for free via the discount vouchers that came a few weeks ago with the rates notices. Plants are $1.50 each! I think they are open Tues mornings. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Julie and Richie for your idea. I think that JCC got lots of FREE clippings from Mrs Charlmers parents so we arn’t going to buy any plants, but we will definitley keep your idea in mind.

    2. HI Julie and Rich but How do you plant them? But how long do they need to grow? what do they help us with?

  5. Britta Abbruzzese | Reply

    Hi everyone in JCJ. I love your blog, it looks great! Have you thought about asking Surrey Hills Garden Supplies for a donation or a discount? I see their trucks driving around all the time and they might do you a deal!
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Mrs John & JCJ, my Dad who is a builder says that you can get tan bark & stepping stones or pavers from either Surrey Hills Garden Supplies or Fulton and Oasis Garden Supplies. I think that it is a great idea to put stepping stones near the water tank. I am really looking forward to see what it will look like.

    1. dear meg thas for your idea of where to bye the stuf frome. p/s doesyour dad have other ideas

  7. Hi JCJ!
    I just wanted to let you know that I think your stepping stone idea is fantastic. I often walk around that tank when I am on yard duty and it does get very muddy and slippery down there!

    1. Hi miss Butler thanks for your reply and it does get very muddy thanks!

    2. Wow miss Butler this is going to be great . I Love your idea from Anna

  8. Hi JCJ
    I think it is a great Idea to put stepping stones near the taps. I wonder what types of stepping stones you will pick.

  9. Julie and Richie | Reply

    I think we can grow some water loving plants

  10. I really hope it does work!

    1. Hi Richie i Like it. it is good. i hope it works too.

  11. Well done JCJ!!!

  12. Doing a great job. Keep it up JCJ

  13. Hi JCJ. Your Blog is really good. You have given us some great ideas to help set up our blog. It sounds like a great idea. Good thinking JCJ. Stepping stones is a great idea. From JCL

    1. Sienna Woodmason jcj | Reply

      Hi JCL I heard you havn’t done your blog yet.And you got an idea from ours.So I am just going to say good luck.

  14. Emma 3/4K (Rowan's sister) | Reply

    Hi juinors!
    I am really pleased that you are doing this your ideas are great! I think that the tanbark might get ruined but on second thoughts it might not. I think painted stepping stones would be good!
    Emma Manger.

    1. hi Emma,
      about the tanbark it wont get ruined becuse people arent silly like that.

    2. Hi Emma
      Thanks for your comment. I never thought of the tanbark getting ruined. Who knows if it will get ruined? Lets see if it will rain and the tanbark will ruin. From Bella in JCJ.

    3. Hi Emma do you now were to get some pavers\stepping stones? If you can can you please
      answer my questions bye from Richie.

  15. Hi Mrs John and JcJ
    I am really excited about this project!

    1. Dear Rowan i LOVE YOUr respone about our BLOG IT IS SO GOOd.

  16. Dear Emma thanks for your response i was lerning all of this it was a good idea with the tanbark.

  17. Your flows are the best

  18. Go JCJ

  19. good job from emma

  20. fanastic

  21. I like your school gardens

    From Lily

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Welcome to JCR’s blog.

We have been working on our Inquiry unit called, How Can We Enhance  Our  School Gardens?

JCR, JCJ and JCC have decided to work on the area around the water tank on the oval.

It is very muddy and ugly.


We have written a bridging proposal and organised working parties.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions we would like to hear from you.


We are proposing to put bark chips and stepping stones around the back of the water tank and plant some plants.

Could you spare some time next week to help us.

Wesley said that National tiles has  a big sale on stepping stones could anyone contact them and find out?

Aliyah is going to ask her grandma if she could help because she is good at gardening.

Tamsyn’s mum is good at gardening maybe she could help.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed it.

17 responses

  1. Go JCR.

  2. What are you going to plant or put near the tank?

  3. Hi JCR
    You could buy some plain concrete pavers and paint the tops of them abit like Mali. Then the pavers would be beautiful and colourful and designed by you!

  4. What a great idea! I would love to help on Thursday afternoon. See you there.

  5. Let’s hope it will work

  6. I’m going to ask my Mum for ideas because she is good at gardening!

  7. You are doing a grat job JCR!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for replying. Meg painting the stepping stones was too hard to do so we decided not to do it. So far we have put gravel around the tank and some plants around so it looks so much nicer. We hope you enjoy the new area. Could everyone please stop littering as it makes our school and our new area look bad. Parents when you come to school why don’t you have a sneek peek!!!! From JCR

  9. The area arounds the water tank looks GREAT now.

  10. Wow Oscar took Millie and I on a tour around the water tanks and it is looking fantastic!!! Great work JCR.

  11. Your flows are the best

  12. Go JCR

  13. I think the area JCR worked on is so so so so so so so so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. JCR Worked very very very! hard on this project :)

  15. Your are growing well

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Welcome to JCL’s blog. We hope you enjoy reading about the great things we have been doing this term!


In our science class we did an experiment where we put water and food colouring in a cup and put flowers and celery into separate cups. The celery leaves turned yellow and the flower petals turned blue. – Immi

We did an experiment where we put one plant in a place where it had not sun, one plant in a place where it had no water and one plant that had both sun and water. It turned out that the plant that had sun and water was healthier and grew bigger. – Josh





We tried to guess which seeds match which seed packet. We drew pictures of seeds with it’s seed cover. – Arwen

The food colouring changed the flower. – Ash

No water is bad for plants. If plants have water and sun they will grow big.– Kevin

We did an experiment with a plant and food colouring. – Charli

I learnt what will happen to flowers if we put the stem in food colouring. – Hailey

Flowers are very fragile. – Tyreese

We learnt how flowers grow. If there is no water or no sun the plant might die. – Ella

Flowers have lots of colours. – Chau

I found out the control plant grew the most because it had water and sun to help it grow. – Phoebe

We know lots of science words like ‘fragile’ and ‘Photosynthesis’. – Deng

Plants need water and sun. – Adrian

We looked at how seeds travel. They travel by the wind, they pop, they float in the water and animals carry them. – Tanmayi

Plants need food and soil. – Aidan

When we put a flower in food dye it changed to the colour of the food dye. It was incredible! – Alice

We did lots of experiments in Science and we are hoping we can do some more. – Bryn

If a flower doesn’t get water it might die. – Olivia

There are different types of flowers. – Harlem

I learnt how food dye can change the colours of plants. – Elias

Just look at our control plant now!!!

Please help us by reminding people to stay off our growing garden before and after school.


Since we planted our Hellebores and Violets lots of new shoots have popped up. Help us decide what to do with all these new plants!!!





JCL have been investigating the Inquiry question “How can we enhance our school gardens?” To prepare ourselves to create our garden we have been learning lots of fascinating facts about plants and gardens.

Here are some of the interesting things we have learnt along the way…

We learnt about plants that live in the shade like Helleborus (Lenten Rose). – Ella

Some plants that live in the shade are Bigroot Geranium, Astilbe, Lilyturf and Lungwort. – Charli

A Moon Yellow Wishbone grows in shade. It has yellow flowers. – Josh

One of the plants that lives in the shade is the Lenten Rose. – Zoe

Venus Flytraps eat flies. – Tyreese

Lots of plants can grow in the shade, like Peace Lily, Midnight Ficus, Jaoponica, Native Violets and Cymbidium Orchids. Seedlings grow into saplings– Alice

Plants make food for people. Flowers make pollen. – Olivia

Roots keep plants standing up straight. Roots also give plants food and water. – Hailey

When a Venus Flytrap traps a fly it sucks it, it chews it and then it eats it! – Bryn

Roses need lots of sun. – Deng

Some plants live in the shade. – Phoebe

The Venus Flytrap eats flies and bees. – Immi

We planted Wallaby Grass at the Botanic Gardens. We are going to plant them in big pots in our school garden. – Arwen

Trees are the biggest plant I have ever seen. – Elias

Plants need sun and water to grow. – Kevin

Plants suck up water through their roots. – Adrian

Trees take most water and sun in the garden. – Aidan

Sunflowers live in the sun. – Henry

Sunflowers are yellow and brown. – Chau

Sunflowers have pollen. – Ash

Flowers need some sun. – Harlem

JCL’s Garden Project

JCL found a section of the school garden that was very bare.  We found out that plants don’t grow well here because the big Oak Tree takes all the water and food from the soil through it’s big roots. We decided to put some big pots into the garden so that we could grow plants in the pots.  This is what the garden looked like before …

We worked in teams to plan our project.  Here is a Bridging Proposal that explains the process of our planning.

Here are the latest photos of our growing garden. We still have more planting to do but we are well on our way. Thanks to Jen P and Inga for your help with planting! Doesn’t it look great!

Stay tuned to hear about some of the wonderful experiments we have been doing in Science classes over the past few weeks!

66 responses

  1. I hope it works

    1. what works?


  2. What are you going to put in this to enhance our school gardens?

  3. Are you going to plant some tomato’s ??

  4. I really hope it work’s

  5. Hi JCL
    What a great idea to replant the Wallaby Grass from our trip to the Botanic Gardens! I was curious why you chose the plants you did to put in the pots? Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Good luck.

    1. Hi Mrs John, we chose those plants because they grow well in the shade because the big tree gives that area of the garden lots of shade.

      1. hi JCL I do like the gardens


      3. The garden is going great

      4. The wobbly grass,Lenten roses,violets are growing well

  6. flowers are beautiful and they smell’s nice and they has lots of color

    1. I no they look awesome Adrian

  7. What a lovely job you have done !

  8. I loved planting the helleborus plants (Lenten Roses) in the pots!

    1. hi aidan i like your idea

  9. Flow’s need water and sun

    1. Vilets,Lenten roses,woblee grass,tree

  10. Flow’s got hunee for the bee

  11. Ole the vegees and frut is carat’s,pucen’s,salree’s

  12. 施金宏

    1. What does it say?

  13. I love Graem Base

  14. All of your idea’s look fantstic !

  15. jcl’s pots look fantastic

  16. hi jcl i like our gardens it looks nice

  17. JCL I hope Mrs Pickburn likes it our garden

  18. I HOPE it works JCL

  19. they look beautiful

  20. Good work JCL. I hope your garden grows into a good garden!!!






  24. Today when I was checking our pots in the garden I noticed that the hellebores are spreading shoots all through the pot. As all the new shoots grow I wonder if we could replant them into the garden around the pots. Do you think they would survive? Do you think they would grow? How could we make sure people did not step on them?

  25. I really like the stepping stones.

  26. Good job JCL

    1. what do you mine ardian


  28. venus fly trap slowly close there mouth

  29. They are growing well

  30. The flow’s is beautiful

  31. Well done JCL

  32. The flow’s are gogese

  33. The flow smells nice

  34. Your flows are the best

  35. Go JCL

  36. The garden is going good

  37. They are dowing well

  38. Your flow’s are going good and they are gorges

  39. Good job

  40. i love your plants

  41. The wallaby grass is growing well.

  42. the garden looks fantstick some of the wollabegrass died

  43. hi JcL it henry like the garer

  44. Some wallaby grass is dieing

  45. jcl the gardern is cool

  46. Alice and Phoebe | Reply

    hi, from Phoebe and Alice. we enhanced our scool ganden withJCL.

  47. we put helleboruis and wallaby grass in the pots

  48. The Helabures look great

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Wednesday September 12, 2012

JCP were very lucky this morning as Natasha, Liam’s mum, came in and helped us plant our plants.

We planted daisies in one ceramic pot and pansies in another ceramic pot.


We also planted two Loriope’s near the acorn tree as well as the Clivia that Riley donated. Lastly, we planted two potted colours.

Please come and visit the front area of the school as we think JCP has done very well to enhance our school garden.

Also, don’t forget to post your replies as we love reading them and answering your questions.


Monday 10th September, 2012

We picked up more rubbish today. Altogether we picked up 163 pieces. That’s definitely less than last time, but it is still a LOT!!!

Here is a picture of Jasper and Caitlyn with today’s rubbish. They are our Junior School Councillors.

We all had a go to fill our ceramic pots with soil and potting mix.

Mrs. Pase has bought some lovely plants for us to plant. You will need to stay posted as we are keeping the names a surprise for now!

Riley has kindly donated a Clivia plant for JCP to plant. Thanks Riley; be sure to pass on our gratitude to your grandpa.

Here are some photos of us preparing our pots and collecting soil.

Tuesday 4th September 2012,

JCP went outside and picked up some rubbish in the front area of our school.

Can you guess how many pieces of rubbish we picked up altogether?

Well, we picked up 380 pieces. Isn’t that disgusting!

Emma and Finn are holding 2 buckets filled with the rubbish we collected. We found lots of food wrappers, plastic pots, fruit skins and straws.

We are going to remind everyone to take better care of our school environment.

Here are some questions that JCP are researching. If you know the answer could you let us know?

Is it a good time to plant daisies/pansies in the ceramic pots? Henry and Ruby

What plants grow well throughout the year? Liam L

Why are plants so important? Meg

Wednesday August 29, 2012

JCP brainstormed lots of ideas as to how we could enhance our school gardens. We agreed that we would like to:

  • Care for the six ceramic pots at the front of our school. Four of these pots have a healthy plant and we need to decide on which plants to choose for the two empty pots
  • We are also keen to care for the garden areas at the front of our school, so we plan to keep this area extra tidy. Emma and Finn are our Environmental Captains and they are going to remind us about not taking any wrappers outside and putting all our rubbish in a bin.
  • We also want to plant extra plants under the two acorn trees at the front of our school. We are not sure which plants to use so we will need to ask experts and do some research

Stay posted……as we will let everyone know how our project is going!

237 responses

  1. Congratulations JCP on writing a comment about our current Inquiry. I can’t wait to see which plants we decide to select for the ceramic pots and which plants to plant under the acorn trees.
    Happy researching everyone!

    1. Thank-you Mrs Pase

  2. Hi JCP
    I can’t wait to see the plants you decide to put in to the ceramic pots around the school. Someone from JCV told me that if you sing and talk to plants it helps them grow! Did you know that? I wonder if they are right?

    1. Thanks Mrs. John for replying to JCP.
      Perhaps JCP might try singing to our plants to see whether that helps them to grow.
      I wonder if they have a favourite song or tune!

    2. Thank you Mrs.John.

    3. Thanks Mrs John for writing a coment on jcp.
      On Friday the 7th of sep jcp and mrs pase decided what plants we were going to plant.
      These are a couple that we decided on
      primulas,daisies and pansies.
      Hope to see some more coments
      from you.

  3. Hey my JCP Class. I found some interesting plants that grow well under an acorn (oak) trees that include lilies, ferns and hardy geraniums. I believe they grow well as long as they receive a good watering regularly. From Keira!

    1. Hello JCP!
      You have thought of some great ideas to enhance our school gardens.
      I really like Keira’s geranium idea. I have some at home and they are very colourful and hardy.

      1. Thanks Miss Butler!!

    2. Thanks Keira for doing great research about our inquary.
      I do belive that lillies do grow quiet well under a acorn tree.
      I had never herd about Hardy Geraniums.

  4. Well done JCP, what a wonderful idea to beautify the front area of the school, especially as it is the entrance most people use. Meg’s grandma is a landscape gardener & an expert on plants, she might be able to suggest what would be the best type of plants to use in both of those areas. It is often hard to plant under trees so you will need to do a lot of research so as to pick a plant that will survive! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Rachel for posting a reply.
      I have asked Meg if her grandma could visit JCP as an expert. We would love to ask her lots of questions and she could help us plant some of our new plants.

  5. Hi JCP,
    In the empty pots we could put some Lavender. They like afternoon sun, they have a beautiful fragrance and we can cut the flowers for our classroom.

    1. Thanks for your great suggestion. I love the smell of lavender.
      However, Meg told us about bees being attracted to lavender so JCP has decided to be a great friend to a little boy in JCC who is allergic to bee stings and we won’t plant lavender.
      I wonder if you could suggest another plant.

      1. Thanks Maria on declining lavender, Riley, Jen (School Nurse) and I are appreciative!!!! Sad though, as it does smell gorgeous.

  6. Hi JCP,
    My suggestion for planting under the oak trees is the Long-Haired Plume Grass that we planted at the Royal Botanic Gardens. They like dry conditions and don’t need much water.

    1. Thank-you Brendan for giving us some ideas.

  7. Hi JCP,
    I think it is a fantastic idea to let Finn and Emma protect our garden from all the dirty rubbish and to make sure nobody litters anymore in our wonderful shool gardens.We can all help Emma and Finn by picking up any rubbish we see and puting the rubbish in the rubbish bin.I think it will make our school gardens look magnificent.

    1. I agree Tess, everyone can help to keep our wonderful school free of litter.
      Wasn’t it disgusting to find 380 pieces of rubbish out the front of our school. It only took JCP about three minutes to pick up that rubbish and what a huge improvement we made in enhancing our garden area.

      1. Thanks Mrs Pase.

  8. Hey thanks everyone for sharing your great ideas. I can’t wait to see which plants we choose. I love the idea of planting Lavender in the ceramic pots.
    Perhaps we could ask Meg’s grandma to visit JCP. I would love to ask her some questions to help us to do our research.
    My husband Paul, suggested we could plant Loriope which does very well in pots and looks fabulous when planted in small clumps.

  9. Great job JCP

    1. Thanks Tom. I agree, JCp are doing a fabulous job.
      Keep up the great work kids!

  10. Hi JCP I have lavender at my house, bees love Lavender. This could be dangerous for anyone that is allergic to bee stings.

    1. I did not think of that.
      Thanks for letting us know about the bees being attracted to lavender.
      We do have someone at school allergic to bee stings, so we will definitely not plant lavender now.

    2. That was a clever idea Meg!!

    3. Thanks Meg for telling me that bees like Lavender too.

  11. Hi JCP I think it is a great idea to let Finn and Emma remind other people to pick up there rubbis.

  12. Hi JCP
    I wonder how many pieces of rubbis other class’ or kids can find.

  13. Fabulous work JCP!

    1. I agree Meg, JCP are the BEST!
      I can’t wait to see the front of the school looking extra nice.
      It would be great if everyone took care of the environment and placed their own rubbish in the appropriate bins!

  14. great work jcp. I think all the ideas are fabulous!!

    1. Me to!
      I think JCP are doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Keep up the AWESOME work JCP

  15. good job jcp you sure know how to pick up rubbish. maybe you should come down and teach the 3/4s

    1. Thanks Maddie,
      We’ll come down and show you any time!

  16. Hi JCP, my dad and I thought that we could plant some succulents under the Oak tree, because they don’t need much water.

    1. Hi Ella,
      I was wondering what are succulents.
      are they a tipe of flower?

  17. My dad and i decided it might be a good idea if we could plant some herbs in the ceramic pots. When the herbs are ready we could pick them and then we could take them home and use them for cooking.

    1. What a cool idea Ella. What type of herbs do you suggest?
      I know that some of the other classes are planting herbs, so perhaps we could ask them to share as I love using fresh herbs when cooking.

    2. Fiona (Tom’s Mum) here. What about rosemary, smells good, can be used in lots of cooking and is very hardy if ours is anything to go by! We are about to start planting out our garden so perhaps we will get some great suggestions from your blog.

  18. Hi JCP I am still amazed of how much rubbish we picked up today,380 pieces.
    I think the front area of the school and the ceramic pots are going to look great!!!
    I am hoping that the whole school will look just as good as the front area, with NO RUBBISH!!!!

    1. Wouldn’t that be cool. A school with no rubbish.
      Come on Robbie Mac we can do it!

    2. I agree with you Caitlyn,
      I think the frount area of our school and the ceramic pots will look GREAT to!

  19. Scarlett Parnell | Reply

    Could we plant some daffodils under the acorn tree?

    1. I Googled to see if daffodils grow well under an acorn ( oak) tree and i believe that they do grow well under an acorn tree.

  20. Hi JCP,

    What a great work. Kuddos to the initiative.

    I suggest growing Cherry tomatoes in the ceramic pots. We can find some in Bunnings or any nursery.

    1. Hi Rashi,
      Thankyou for the idea about planting cherry tomatos in the ceramic pots
      but Mrs Pase said that we might not go planting vegetables/fruits in the pots

  21. Hi JCP
    I love colourful flowers! We could put some pansies or daisies in the pots.
    From Ruby

    1. Ruby, I like your idea about putting colourful plants in the pots, it would be so lovely to come into school and see some beautiful coloured flowers. Meg, Ella, James & I have planted pansies in our garden which are really pretty but did you know that they are known as an ‘Annual’ which means they only flower once a year then when they are finished you have to pulled them out & plant something else for the next season? Do you think there might be some other flowers that might last longer than just one season?

      1. Thanks, Rachel for letting me know that. I have since found out about plants that last all year round – they are called “perennials”. I discovered some perennials that flower and like the shade, such as geraniums, toad lilies (which unlike their name are actually really pretty), liriopes, lungwort (this is actually pretty too!) or yellow corydalis. Maybe we could plant some of these plants in the pots.

  22. Hey JCP, it’s Riley and I have an idea about what we could plant under the acorn tree. We could plant Clivias because they like shade.

    1. Riley, could you bring in a picture of Clivia’s as I’m not sure what they look like.
      Are they a flower?

      1. yes a clivia is a flower .i will bring a picture in

  23. Hi,
    if you no the answer to this question can you please let JCP no. Are weeds inportent to have in yore garden and why do weeds grow.

  24. Ha JCP,
    we can not plant daffodills now because you need to plant the daffodill bulb in winter so the bulb will have enough time to get reddy to grow in the warm spring time.

  25. HI JCP,
    It is amazing that in 3 minutes we filled up 2 buckets of dirty rubbish. That tells us how much we are littering in our school. All together JCP picked up 380 dirty bits of rubbish.

    1. We must really try to lower the amount of rubbish

  26. Hi JCP,
    We have a lot of responses, so hopefully this means that a lot of people are reading this and will help to keep our school clean. Keep up the good work! From Ruby

  27. Hi Everyone at JCP, Liam here. I spoke to my Poppy and he suggested underneath the acorn tree to plant Clivias as they will grow in shady, dry conditions.
    In the pots he said citrus trees like : lime, lemon, mandarin, cumquat or even olive trees.
    Then we would be able to share or eat the fruit.

    1. Thanks Liam for asking your Poppy. He seems a very clever expert and he has suggested some great ideas.

      1. My poppy is a gardener, that is why he knows so much

  28. Hi JCP, we picked up nearly 400 pieces of rubbish just on the deck and front of school.
    I think we all at Robbie Mac should make a better effort to place our rubbish in the bin.

    1. Thats rite.

  29. Hi JCP,
    380 bits of rubbish is really gross and not good for the enviroment!
    I wonder if a lilly grows well all year round?

    1. Lillie’s do grow well all year round, Emma, but they only flower in Spring & Summer then they need to be cut back so that the bulb will be protected during the colder months. They also like to be planted in pots but they like to be in a sunny spot. Will your ceramic pots be in the sun or the shade? Did you know that there are 110 different species of Lilly.

  30. What are you going to put in to enhance our school gardens

    1. JCP haven’t decided yet!
      We plan to make our final decision this week.
      Stay posted Lily!

  31. Thanks Mrs Pase

  32. Thankyou Mrs Pase
    for writing all those lovely replys.

  33. You are doing a good job JCP. Keep it up. How about loads of strawberries with daffodils under the acorn tree just like in the wild in England! Eating strawberries is yummy!

    1. Thanks Ben for encouraging JCP.
      We decided not to plant daffodils as we needed to plant them earlier in the year.
      I love strawberries as well, so I’ll ask the gorgeous kids in our class and keep you posted.

  34. Hi JCP,
    I think we could put fern under the acorn tree.We could also put pansies, petunias and geraniums in the ceramic pots.

  35. Ha JCP,
    keep on ROCKING

  36. We ROCK.

  37. Hi jcp I know that a paniy will be a great plant to plant in a pot

  38. Scarlett and Nan | Reply

    Could we plant some salvias In the pots?

  39. Can we plant some daffodils in pots near the foyer?

    1. Oops just saw Mrs Pase’s note above re the daffodils….

  40. Hi JCP,
    It sounds like you guys are having a great time clean up your school environment and investigating plants that you can plant under the Oak Tree & in the Ceramic Pots. I am looking forward to seeing what you have planted when we get back from our holiday.
    You might like to think about planting a plant which is a flax lily called “Destiny”.
    From James Will (Ella’s Dad)

  41. hi jcp I think I know a plant that doesn’t need so much water but I don’t think it work?

    1. What plant would that be

  42. I can’t wait to see the plants when i get back. Have fun JCP.

  43. I think the plants will be awesome when they grow

    1. which plants Liam?

  44. Hi JCP. I asked my grandpa if daisies would be a good plant to plant in the ceramic pots.
    He said yes. I think white daisies would grow well.

  45. Hi Jcp
    I hope we can start planting some plants soon
    I bet our areaswill look great when we have finished.

  46. hi jcp
    I think our class is going to do a great job when we are planting.
    I hope the plants that we are going to plant will look great and also grow well
    under the acorn tree.
    happy planting.
    bye for now!

  47. keep up the good work jcp

  48. Hi Meg
    It is such a BIG question you asked with lots of different answers, but for me I think plants are so important because we (humans and animals) rely on them for our food. Did you know that today I ate 5 different types of food that comes from plants ( an orange, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion)

  49. geat job jcp.

  50. Hi JCP
    I think everyone is doing such a great job sharing their ideas about how to enhance the school gardens. We have some serious bloggers developing, not to mention some true eco compaigners. Keep up the good work!

    1. thanks Deb

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JCV have come up with an action plan to get into the garden. Check it out!!!

We have completed step 4. Check out what our garden beds looked like before we weeded and after we weeded and turned the soil over. Guess what? We even added cow manure!!!!








JCV have been investigating the effect water and sun have on the growth of a plant. Here are some observations made by JCV.

Our last experiment we investigated the effect of sun and water and it turns out that sun and water the best for plants.  Issy

The sun one is getting so dry.  Mimi

In our experiment The sun plant  didn’t grow’ Jack and Seamus.

The SUN ONE  is  dry.

Sun and water one is the best

Water one didn’t have sun.

Vansh and Kye

Sun and water is better than water or sun by itself.

Georgia and Rebecca

Sun and water plant was working the best.

Water plant is soggy.

Sun is really bad.

Sun is dry.

Aiden and Lachlan

The sun and water plant grew perfect. Charlie and Mary

Water only plant

The leaves shrunk

The petals curled up

The stem bent

Sun only plant 

The leaves went crispy like a chip.

The petals dried out

The stem bent over

Jacob S and Harry

The  Sun plant was   Srucnhie   and    the  sun   and  water  one   grew good. Ruby

38 responses

  1. Nice Work Mr Van

  2. Hi JCV
    I loved reading about all the Questioning and problem solving you are doing with your garden inquiry. Keep up the great work!
    I will come by and visit to see you all very soon.
    Mrs Wigg

  3. Could be a few budding scientists here Mr Van…

  4. Now that you have become such experts on what plants require to grow……(very interesting observations by the way!!!) does that mean that Jack you will now be able to help me in the garden and ensure that our garden is full of colour come summer.

  5. Well done JCV on some interesting and very important research. Did you consider the effect of talking or singing to the plants?? Some people swear this makes the plants happier and stronger!!

  6. Congratulations JCV on your current investigation as to how you can enhance our school garden. I love the idea of planting a variety of herbs and I can’t wait to see the sunflowers fully grown.

  7. Hi JCV
    Your action plan looks great! Can’t wait to hear all about the types of plants you are thinking of planting in your garden. I am also very interested in finding out if singing or talking to the plants help them to grow! Keep us posted.

  8. Fantastic work JCV! I love gardening & would love to help with your planting. I wonder who will look after your garden when you have finished your project? Do you think your garden & plants will still be growing when you are all no longer in JCV?

  9. Hi JCV I liked reading about your experiment using sun and water on plants.

  10. Hi JCV!

    I really like the scarecrow idea in your action plan. What will you name him/her?

  11. l like reading your blog about how we can enhance our school gardens. l hope you have a wonderful garden because your ideas are really good. Where are you getting all these ideas?

  12. Great blog! Jcv keep it up

  13. Tracey Suidgeest | Reply

    Awsome work JCV!!! What a difference you have made to the garden bed. Well done! I am looking forward to the next update. Are you going to plant things you can harvest? I hope you do so I can try something home grown.

  14. Excellent weeding JCV. I was amazed to see what a difference a little bit of weeding & care can do to a garden bed! I think your garden bed looks ready for planting & I can’t wait to come and help you all put some new plants into that area. I noticed in your photos of your garden beds that they are partly in the sun & partly in the shade, have you decided on your plants yet & are they plants that like to be both in the shade & in the sun?

  15. How about some hardy salvias, Italian herbs and mediterranean plants under the olive trees?

  16. What a really great blog! keep it up JCV looking great!!!!

  17. Thanks Mr Van for buying the plants. Our garden beds look good now they have some plants. I can’t wait until they are fully grown.

  18. Thank you JCV for letting me help with your garden project. I had a fun afternoon of planting with you all. I think you all did a fantastic job today. I am really looking forward to seeing and maybe even tasting some of the plants from your garden! I wonder if the sunflowers in the garden will grow faster and taller than the sunflowers that you are going to plant in your pots?

    1. Thanks Rachel for coming to help JCV plant in our garden beds. They have worked really hard so far and we all hope that the things that we planted grows really well.

  19. Well done to everyone in JCV for all of your research that you have done so far in our garden inquiry. You also worked really hard to get all of our plants planted and I am looking forward to seeing them grow. Just a reminder to download QR Reader on your phone and keep an eye out for the QR codes in the garden bed.

  20. Great work JCV! I can see the BIG diffrence you all have made. You have all [I hope] done a exelent job. I bet you know lots already about plants!

  21. Hi JCV
    I wonder how big sunflower grow?

  22. two of the plants have a flower

  23. Your flows are the best

  24. Go JCV

  25. PERFECT WORK JCV!!!!!!!!!!!



  28. Have you checked out the garden? Looking good!

  29. well done jcv

  30. great work jcv



  33. jcv you are going well in the garden

  34. Our plants our Groing Jcv!

  35. GOOD WORK JCV !!!!

  36. jcv have been great in the garden

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